Our purpose and

Making a positive impact by transforming the world through the construction sector and extending it to other related sectors.


Grupo Construcía promotes a change of model from linear to circular economy. We seek to generate economic profitability and, in addition, a positive impact on people and the environment.

Grupo Construcía works for a world in which business regenerates ecosystems and society, collaborating with companies and organisations in the transition towards innovative, safe and circular business models and product designs.

Our purpose and our values are shared by more than 300 professionals who currently make up Grupo Construcía and who work in our offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon as well as in the different projects designed for our clients.

Grupo Construcía

A diverse business ecosystem to address the different challenges posed by the circular transformation of the real estate sector and its value chain.

We are an ecosystem of circularity service companies, ranging from strategic consultancy to construction, refurbishment and circular asset management.

Our aim to create a new construction model that protects the environment and cares for people has led us to develop Lean2Cradle® Construcía: our own circular construction methodology, which allows us to be sustainable as well as profitable, providing investment security.

We have developed a set of metrics to obtain a building’s circular value. The Material Passport is the fisrt tool for circular building decision-making, with which we dientify the materials installed, pinpoint their location and estimate their value based on planned routes for their recovery. From here we get the circular siganture, that provides data on the carbon footprint generated, the health of materials (absence of toxicity), the cyclability and the future value, the one we recover when the building is totally or partially deconstructed.

Construcía Pioneers in circular construction.
Construcía Instalaciones Circular, resilient and healthy facilities.
Eco Intelligent Growth Circular economy and innovation consultancy based on Cradle to Cradle® principles.


Positive impact investment management company

A long history

Birth of Construcía
Incorporation of Construcía Portugal
Integration of Construcía Instalaciones
EIG joins Grupo Construcía
Lean model application to project management
1st Roadmap towards circular economy
Creation of the Lean2Cradle® methodology
Circular Capital starts its journey
Paris Fonds Vert joins the shareholding structure
Grupo Construcía's 20th anniversary

Our origin 20 years ago in the construction sector has allowed us to evolve to become pioneers of circular construction and to promote the circular economy in other sectors.

Our experience within construction has made us aware of the need to expand circular economy to other production models, responsibly contemplating the entire life cycle of products, from their extraction and supply chain, to their future reuse.

We work to implement circular economy in the complex construction sector, innovating in methodologies and tools, such as our LEAN2CRADLE® Construcía methodology, combining Cradle to Cradle® approach (W. McDonough & M. Braungart) and LEAN Construction.

And we are transferring these principles of action to the rest of the value chain.

As our own experience has shown, it is possible to achieve a triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social.

We create or support innovative companies to make circular economy possible, as defined by the SDGs, the 2030 Agenda and the 2050 European decarbonisation challenge, and as demanded by society.

Grupo Construcía counts with more than 300 professionals who operate in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, with the firm commitment to work for economic growth always hand in hand with the protection of the environment and people. There is no prosperity without natural ecosystems.

Our organisation

Grupo Construcía has a General Committee and a Board of Directors.

About our management team:

Arturo Fernández Vidal

CO-CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Pablo Sainz de Baranda

CO-CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Albert González

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Francisco Lendínez

CTO (Chief Transformation Officer)

Cristina del Alamo CPO

Cristina del Álamo

CPO (Chief People Officer)

Roberto Ordoyo

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Ignasi Cubiñá

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Alicia Puertas

Sales Director

María Colantoni

Marketing and Communication Director

Óscar Pisano

Procurement Director

Gaspar Sainz de Aja

Sustainability Director

Our commitment

Grupo Construcía is committed to transforming the world through construction by applying the principles of circular economy.

We promote a change of model towards sustainable construction, generating a triple positive impact: for people’s health, the ecosystem and the profitability of assets.

Grupo Construcía is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 Agenda and the 2050 European challenges through the promotion of circular economy.

Our Circular Economy knowledge community

Grupo Construcía collaborates with knowledge generation centres to promote the development of talent and boost circular economy in our country.

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